Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello .... Friend, Are you looking for some HONEST PAYING SITES to make some FREE and EASY Money from the internet ... sitting at your HOME at your own FREE TIME .... ?

For a long time in the past, I too was one like you eager to know .... how to make free / easy money from the internet (even though I don't have much computer skills)!

It is a FACT that there are Millions of people making Billions of dollars every month using a computer and an internet connection. But they are not just ordinary ones, but gurus. They have invested several years of their life and so much of money into it.

I wish if you JOIN these Simple/Free Programs and start making 'BUCKS' today and enter into the ONLINE business, One Day You will become a very successful Internet Entrepreneur...!!!

This blog is to HELP the desperate money seeker (the needy for money) to find ways of earning EXTRA FREE MONEY sitting at your HOME sparing SOME FREE TIME, at YOUR HOME, without any investment or ANY computer skills...!

Now you can join the following programs called PTC (paid to click) and PTR (paid to read) and start Earning BUCKS immediately.

Little drops of water; make a mighty ocean....!

* These jobs are easy but it needs some patience and you should follow the instructions as specified by each administration to get paid after you read the Ads for some time....
* You must login with your username and password each time. (remember them)
* You have to enter the correct security code also carefully. (some times they may ask you to tick some number matching to verify that the surfer is really surfing)
* You must click only one ad of one company at a time.
*You must click the ending number to see the (
green tick mark).
* Some Sites allow only from one computer and ISP address.(Check it from their TOS)
Most of these programs delete the account if found any cheating.

It is advisable to have a separate account exclusively for these programs. Most of these programs pay you for your referral clicks (for those who joined under you) too try to join some people under you to increase your earnings...

For receiving your payment, when it reaches the minimum payout level - (each administration keeps a different minimum level) you need to have a free PAYPAL account (very honest and fast payment processor in the world) or an ALERTPAY account (next best to Paypal). If you don't have registered for these accounts, you can register now for FREE (to open an account, it is better to have your personal e-mail id). Click the logos below to open these accounts for FREE.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

And here is the Link for opening AlertPay account:

Note: All these below mentioned PTC programs are chosen carefully from hundreds that are HONEST & PAYING (Now-a-days there are thousands of SCAM sites that DO CHEAT their poor members).

It is advisable to enter EACH of these sites and check for ads as many times a day as possible and click whenever new ads are listed (some sites list ads many times).


Get Paid To Click (GPTC/PTC) Programs:

1. Clixsense: This is known as a very sustainable PTC that pays by paychecks every month ( If the balance is $10.00 or more). If upgraded with just $10.00, can earn more $$$ in many ways...! Click the banner below to JOIN FREE...! {Paid Me Several times !}

2. WordLinx is a Honest bux site, online for many years , It pays INSTANTLY when the balance reaches $10.00: {Paid Me !}
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

3. Linkgrand (honest administration, Good,Fast paying history)
Click now and JOIN:

4. Bux-Matrix (Honest owners, $4.00 payout, matrix enabled)


Find out for your selves, which sites post ads many times daily. Login and click ads of such sites to earn more. Join as many members (referrals) as possible to earn more commissions. Always remember "honesty is the best policy."

Never promote scam (Cheating) sites and cause innocent members waste their money and time. Never encourage or support cheaters...!



Money Makers Guide for Newbies said...


Thank you for dropping by. Good luck on your money making venture:)

lifearts said...
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Social Activist said...

These websites are genuine and honest. I got paid from them several times.

Newbies, do not join any sites that offer dollars for viewing ads.

They are all scams (cheating sites)

care4poor said...

It is a nice thing to share the good things with others. Let all earn something and lead a happy life, without cheating and being cheated.

Manas Pruthi said...

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